Monday, July 6, 2015

Jacknife intro from Superjail episode 406 Character Layout

Out of all the drawings I've done for this season, these two of Jacknife wrapped around a bowling ball are my favorite.  

"Smoking chicks bowling team"  desgin/layout.

oh Jacknife......
Hand drawn blur effect.  You think it's easy to make stuff like this look right?  It is I guess...  Just draw a part of the thing and copy-paste it.  
Three greasers design layout.  I chose to make them look like teenagers.  Took my time with this shot but you only see them like this for 0.4 seconds......  :/  
They get killed of course.

Aren't these backgrounds great?
BG credits:  Sam Marlow, Justin Volz and Tom Soulen

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