Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ugly Americans Season 1 - Animatics

Here are some animatics stills from my work on Ugly Americans. The very funny new show on Comedy Central.


Frank Grimes to me has some of the funniest lines in the show.

Ha. A troll sitting on Mark's face. Fun to draw!

This guy on the wall was based on one of those Hieronymus Bosch demons.


lungpiece said...

heh, when i saw a commercial for 'ugly americans' around a month ago, i was telling my friends i was looking forward to it just because it reminded me of 'superjail!'... low and behold, you're a part of it!

Hal Ro Lee said...

It was also made in the same studio as Superjail!. Augenblick Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

lungpiece said...

all this... it warms my heart.

Elliott said...

Hal, finally man, new posts. This shit is awesome, the characters are really great. And I feel like I've seen these animatics before, can't remember where tho... :P anyway, awesome work dude, looks great.


Liam said...

awesome looking work as always hal, always happy to see new stuff on your blog dude.

Hal Ro Lee said...

Thanks dudes,
Elliott, I'm going to your bro's thing, Bent Fest later this month.
I'm psyched to see my friend Peter's show. http://www.casperelectronics.com/