Sunday, July 19, 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

Jacknife intro from Superjail episode 406 Character Layout

Out of all the drawings I've done for this season, these two of Jacknife wrapped around a bowling ball are my favorite.  

"Smoking chicks bowling team"  desgin/layout.

oh Jacknife......
Hand drawn blur effect.  You think it's easy to make stuff like this look right?  It is I guess...  Just draw a part of the thing and copy-paste it.  
Three greasers design layout.  I chose to make them look like teenagers.  Took my time with this shot but you only see them like this for 0.4 seconds......  :/  
They get killed of course.

Aren't these backgrounds great?
BG credits:  Sam Marlow, Justin Volz and Tom Soulen

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Superjail Episode 404 Layout work.....!

I did one of those "action stills" for ep404

I love drawing this guy especially close-up.  
Skull shape, mustache, face tattoos.  
Everything just falls in to place.
Mike Wartella first designed 
Jean and Paul for the pilot.  
I'm a big fan of Mr. Wartella's work.   
Alien zombie infection casualties.  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Superjail season 4 episode 403

More Layout work I did from Superjail season 4  ep403.
I've included some storyboards that my layouts are based on. These boards give the layout artist plenty of room for their own creativity to come through.  There's a lot design responsibilities in addition to making sure the layouts are set-up clearly before handing off to the animator.

I did this whole shot including the background elements since in this case the background is technically part of the character.  The Warden transforms himself into the
"Universe" at the end of the episode.  ha.

Storyboards by Christy Karacas or Phil Ahn.

Inmate heads from Scene 002